Instagram users in Canada can finally add music to Stories

The new feature is rolling out now

After years of waiting, Facebook and Instagram users in Canada can finally add music clips to their stories.

This feature has been highly anticipated in Canada, as American and European users have had access to it for years. Before the launch, if a story featured music, it would be muted for Canadian users.

“Music and Stories go hand-in-hand, and we’re excited that music and Stories are finally here in Canada. You can now put the perfect song and soundtrack to your life in your Stories,” the social media giant said during the launch event in Toronto.

Facebook says that if the song has lyrics, then they will automatically pop up and can then be used as a reference point to select the section of song you’d like to include in your Story.

You can tap on the lyrics to change the animation and text style, and move the lyrics around, rotate or resize it like you would with any other sticker.

Also, the popular Instagram Stories questions sticker now features music. This way, your friends can reply to your questions sticker with a song from the music library.

Canadians will also now be able to add videos with music to a new music section on their Facebook profile. Further, you can pin songs to the top of your profile so you can share your music.

The social media giant says that it worked with local artists and labels to make sure that Canadian artists are at the forefront of music on its platforms.

“Music is about personal expression, it’s about artists connecting deeply with fans, and fans connecting with each other,” Facebook said.

Facebook says that these new features are rolling out on February 19th, and should now be available to users.