Samsung patent suggests an upcoming phone could feature waterfall display

This curve is ridiculous

An upcoming Samsung smartphone might feature a screen that nobody wants.

The South Korean company was recently granted a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, first spotted by Patently Mobile, that suggests that Samsung will launch a device with a waterfall display. Waterfall screens have displays that curve over the edge of the phone. This technology was showcased in Huawei and Vivo phones last year.

The patent showcases that the physical buttons on the side will poke through the glass edge, which shows off exactly how far the screen will curve.

According to the patent, the phone will feature a whole bunch of sensors, including one that can read gestures, a gyroscope, an atmospheric pressure sensor, a magnetic sensor, a grip sensor, an RGB sensor, a biometric sensor, a temperature/humidity sensor, a UV sensor and an illuminator. Samsung might also add electrocardiogram, electromyography and electroencephalogram sensors to the device as well.

The patent also describes that “the display may further include a control circuit for controlling the panel, the hologram device and/or the projector. The hologram device uses an interference of light and displays a stereoscopic image in the air.” It’s unclear precisely what this means, but it sounds pretty cool.

Some patents never make the light of day, so one should take this with a grain of salt. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Samsung seems to be pulling back on its curved screens, with the S20’s sdisplay being less curved than the previous S-series devices.

Samsung granted the patent Wednesday but filed it in Q1 of 2018 in the U.S. and Q1 of 2017 in South Korea.

Source: Patently Mobile