Bell brings back its $85/20GB promo

$85 for 20GB is a pretty solid deal

Quebec-based carrier, Bell, has brought back its $85 for 20GB of data promotion. Last week the promo was available until Family Day, but it seems the company has brought it back. This time around, it did not list an end date on its website.

Bell is giving users multiple plan options as well. There’s a bring your own phone (BYOP) promotion for $85 per month and 20GB of data. This is an unlimited plan, so after 20GB you’ll only be able to continue using data throttled speeds of up to 512Kbps.

Additionally, Bell is offering $85 per month and 20GB of data as a sharable plan, which means if you have more than one person on your bill you both can share 20GB of data. However, once you’ve used 20GB, any additional data is $10 per 100MB up until 500MB and $0.12/MB thereafter. It’s worth noting that this overage rate is slightly different from the typical overage rate Bell charges on its share plans. Usually, customers would have to pay $10 per additional 100MB up to 800MB, followed by $0.15 per MB thereafter, making the promotional plan’s overage rate slightly better.

There’s also a Bell SmartPay Unlimited 20GB for $85 per month. Bell SmartPay lets users put zero down and then make monthly payments over a certain amount of time, plus the $85 plan. There’s also a SmartPay shareable plan, but again this isn’t unlimited.

Furthermore, all of these plans offer unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited text, picture and video messages.

Typically, BYOD 20GB plans are $95 per month. And shareable plans are normally $85 per month for only 10GB, or $105 for 20GB.

Bell is also offering a $10 discount for Canada & U.S. 20GB plans. Typically they’d be $115, but with the promotion, they are now $105.

We’ve reached out to Bell to find out when this sale ends.

This is a pretty good deal, but earlier this month Bell was offering a better $75 for 20GB deal.

Rogers is also offering a similar promotion.