Gmail’s new ‘search chips’ make it easier to filter and find your emails

Users can now filter email searches by sender, attachment and more with a simple click

If you’ve ever tried to find an email in Gmail, you know that searching through years of old emails can be a pain. Google knows it too, so it’s rolling out an improvement to Gmail search called ‘search chips.’

Really, it’s just a new way to present a pre-existing feature. As pointed out by TechCrunch, Gmail allowed users to add filters manually when searching in Gmail. For example, users could add things like ‘label: work’ or ‘has:attachment’ to pull up emails with a ‘Work’ label or that have an attachment.

Now, however, users won’t have to manually add these filters when typing in their search. Instead, Gmail will display ‘search chips,’ as Google calls them, that let you quickly apply these filters with a click. Similar to the ‘Smart Reply’ bubbles that appear in Messages on Android, search chips appear as little bubbles below the Gmail search bar on the web. Users can click them to apply the specified filter.Gmail search chips

At launch, Gmail’s search chips will include options to filter emails by sender, if they have an attachment, time frame and more. Additionally, the search chips let users exclude results like calendar updates or chats. Finally, users can specify emails by attachment types, such as a spreadsheet or PDF.

On top of that, Gmail users can combine different filters to really narrow down searches.

The update began rolling out to Gmail on the Web starting February 19th. The feature will come to G Suite users first, and it could take 15 days to fully roll out. Google also confirmed to TechCrunch that search chips will come to consumers as well. However, the company didn’t specify a timeline but suggests it won’t be too long after the G Suite rollout.

You can learn more about search chips on the G Suite blog.

Source: Google Via: TechCrunch