Fido offering $240 off a pre-owned iPhone XR purchased with financing

The discount means you can get a pre-owned iPhone XR for less than $500 over two years

Fido device financing

Rogers’ flanker brand Fido is running a flash sale on the iPhone XR, boasting savings of up to $240 if you get a Certified Pre-owned model.

The offer, which is available until February 26th, applies when you get the device on Fido’s 24-month financing plan, called Fido Payment Program. The full price Fido charges for a Certified Pre-owned iPhone XR is $730, which works out to a 24-month financing rate of $30.41 per month.

However, with the deal Fido is currently offering, customers get a $10 monthly bill credit that reduces the financing to $20.41 per month. Over 24 months, that works out to $489.84, about $240 shy of the full $730 price.

All things considered, this is a decent deal from Fido, as long as you’re okay with a pre-owned device. Apple released the iPhone XR last year and it’s still an excellent phone. The new iPhone 11 doesn’t offer many significant upgrades beyond a newer and faster processor and an improved dual-camera system, but the XR is no slouch.

However, if you want a brand new iPhone XR, it’s not that much more. Fido offers the iPhone XR for $0 upfront plus $33.75 per month financing which, after 24 months, is $810. Plus, Apple sells the iPhone XR outright for $799, if you have the money to blow on a phone upfront like that.

Still, a $240 discount is nothing to sneeze at and getting an iPhone XR for just shy of $500, even if it’s pre-owned, is a solid deal. You can learn more about the offer on Fido’s website.