There are now two remote-controlled Cybertruck Hot Wheels cars

One is large and in charge and the other will fit in your pocket

Mattel, the toy company behind Hot Wheels, has released two different remote-controlled Telsa Cybertrucks.

The first version of the two RC cars is a high-end model that costs $400 USD (about $528 CAD). It’s a 1:10 scale model of the real Cybertruck and the design team behind it says it will be able to drive offroad.

It’s even got functioning head and taillights, a retractable tailgate, a vault cover and a sticker to recreate the smashed window from the reveal presentation.



If you’re interested in this truck, you can join the waiting list because it’s already sold out.

The second RC Cybertruck is the size of a regular Hot Wheels car, making it a 1:64 scale model of the full-size truck. It also fits on the classic orange Hot Wheels track.

Mattell says that if you kick the car into its ‘Sport mode,’ it can also go around the classic loop-de-loop.

You can currently order this truck for $2o USD (roughly, $26.45 CAD).

Source: Mattel