Target inventory listings suggest new Apple TV and AirPods are on the way

Alongside this are some new Apple Watch bands and possibly a new iPod Touch

A leaked online inventory listing for a bunch of unnamed Apple devices hit the web today, suggesting that the tech giant might have some new products up its sleeve.

It’s typical for Apple to hold some kind of spring product release event so this news isn’t entirely out of the blue.

The listings are for ‘AirPods X generation,’ ‘Apple TV Gen X,’ ‘Apple Watch Series X’ bands and ‘Apple iPod Touch X Generation,’ according to 9to5Mac.

There have been rumours about an updated Apple TV for a long time so this listing doesn’t come as a huge surprise.

The AirPods listing raises more questions. The company just dropped the fairly well-regarded AirPods Pro in the Fall, therefore it seems close for a follow-up. That said, there have been rumours of an over-ear pair of Apple headphones circulating for a while.

Apple also recently updated the iPod Touch, making it seems odd that it would be refreshing that device as well.

The company always releases new Apple Watch bands a few times a year so this comes as no surprise.

Source: 9to5Mac