Wireless EV charging is an appealing pipe dream

As cool as this technology could be, it's unclear how widely adopted it will be

As cool as Wireless EV charging sounds, it’s doubtful that we see it around any time soon. If automakers adopt the EV feature, it will likely be for home charging, although its public parking spot integration would be amazing.

The Society of Automotive Engineers has published a paper that details an above ground wireless charging module. CNET even reports that the group is working with BMW to test it out in the German automaker’s cars.

There are two real ways to use this tech. It could be something installed at people’s homes, as well as utilized in public parking spaces.

To me, I don’t see this as an everyday consumer-level EV feature. Instead, it’s probably going to be for higher-end cars like Tesla’s Model S or the Porshe Taycan.

Therefore, this will likely be something that’s used at homes more than in public since it might not have an extensive adoption rate. People who get one for their home parking spot will likely love this feature if it rolls out since it will make charging at home mindless.

One cool thing BMW is working on to compliment this tech is its self-parking feature so the car can line up with charing pad easily, reports CNET

Source: Cnet