Samsung Galaxy Z Flip factory shuts down due to coronavirus

The tech giant is the latest manufacturer to take a hit due to the coronavirus

Samsung has been forced to temporarily shut down a factory that produces the Galaxy Z Flip after an employee tested positive for the coronavirus.

The South Korean tech giant says the impact of the shut down is expected to be minimal, and that the factory should re-open in a few days. However, this is still a setback for the company, which just launched the Galaxy Z Flip a few weeks ago.

Samsung is not the only smartphone manufacturer to take a hit from the coronavirus. Apple has said that it is not going to meet its revenue target for March due to the virus’ impact on production and demand in China.

Similarly, Mobile World Congress, which is the mobile industry’s largest conference, was cancelled due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus.

The virus also caused Facebook to call off a marketing summit in San Francisco, which was expected to draw in 4,000 people.

The virus, which has infected more than 78,000 people worldwide including nine in Canada, seems to be continuing to impact the tech industry in significant ways.

Source: CNET