Science, behavioural insights drive weight loss through WW App [App of the Week]


Health is important. If you’re like me and roll your eyes at the mention of #NewYearNewMe, we can breathe a collective sight of relief as that time of year rolls to a close. In fact, by now most peoples’ resolutions are long forgotten. That’s why the WW app caught my attention. A practical approach to food and fitness? You have my attention.

The WW App (Weight Watchers reimagined) seems to be a one-stop spot for tools to maintain momentum (for more than a few weeks) and stay committed to achieving your wellness goals. It gives you access to everything from recipe tips to workout routines and even 24/7 live coaching for when you’re in need of a moral boost or a jolt of encouragement.

Recently, WW introduced myWW, its most customized and flexible program ever. Driven by science and behavioural insights, the new program makes weight loss a better experience by leveraging details about food preferences and behaviour. Through the app, I completed a personal assessment and was matched with the Blue program; one of three streams offering varying degrees of flexibility and accountability.


As part of the Blue program, I have access to a full list of ZeroPoint foods, which means that as long as I have these foods on-hand, I don’t have to think about what I’m reaching for or tracking. The flexibility means I don’t get bored or feel restricted. Nothing’s off the menu.

Within the app, users are also able to track FitPoints. The brand has evolved to simplify tracking, making thousands of food and activity options available in a pre-populated, searchable menu or by scanning a barcode. The gamification of tracking points allows users to accumulate WellnessWins through daily accomplishments which can be redeemed for IRL rewards offers an incentive beyond weight loss and fitness.

ww canada

I’m not always one for group activities, but the community support within the app is actually incredible. There’s a hub called Connect where users can share challenges, wins, inspiration and motivation and the engagement is extremely high. So whatever your goal is you can be sure someone is there to give guidance or direction.

In addition to the tried and true WW offerings, the app also grants users access to Headspace, a guide for meditation and mindfulness, and Aaptiv, a library of audio workouts, which helped me increase my FitPoints. WW also connects to other apps, like the Health app on iOS, to pull additional data. So every step I take is tracked and converted, logged through WW and applied to my Smartpoints balance.

headspace - aaptiv

TL;DR: If being healthier is on your plan in 2020 then you should check out WW. With food and activity tracking, meditation, workouts and a social network built right in the WW is an easy win for those looking to be successful.

Source: WW Canada