Koodo is offering some subscribers 20GB of data for $65

You need to call the loyalty department and ask for the upgrade

Koodo’s loyalty department is reportedly calling some users and offering them a 20GB plan for $65 per pay period.

The user says that they were previously on a 10GB for $60 per month plan.

We’ve seen reports before of Koodo offering upgraded plans to people with the 10GB/$60 plans to make them pay a bit more per month. That said, we’ve never encountered a deal with this much data for $65.

If you want to schedule a call with Koodo, you can open up the chat window on its website and type in ‘#socialhelp.’ This prompts the text-based assistant to help you pick a time to talk with a customer service agent.

This isn’t a plan that will be available to everyone, so your mileage may vary, but if you try, you might get lucky.

Source: RedFlagDeals

Update 25/02/2020: Koodo has reached out and explained that this deal has expired now.