Xbox One getting ability to eject discs with controller

Here's hoping the next Xbox has the same feature

An upcoming update to the Xbox One user interface is going to allow users to eject their disks with a button press on their controller.

This may seem like a menial change, but anyone with a broken disc eject button will likely be super hyped for this change. It also might make it easier for people using the Xbox Adaptive controller.

This was a feature that was even on the Xbox 360 years and years ago, so, surprisingly, it’s taken Microsoft this long to add the feature to the Xbox One.

Here’s hoping that it carries over to the upcoming Xbox Series X as well.

It’s only coming to Xbox Insiders so far, but that likely means regular console owners will get access to it in an upcoming update.

Once the feature rolls out, you can press ‘X’ to eject a disc when you’re hovering over a movie or a game on the home screen that’s being played via disc.

Image source: VG247

Source: VG247