Google confirms widespread Nest camera outage, says video history not stored

The tech giant says the cameras should be functioning properly now

Stock photo of nest cam sitting on a table

Google has confirmed that there was a widespread outage impacting Nest camera systems on February 24th.

Several users encountered problems where their cameras completely stopped working. Google notes that users were unable to record video or see live streams.

“We’ve rolled out a fix and most camera services should be working again. Unfortunately, video history wasn’t collected during this incident,” Rishi Chandra, the vice-president of Google Nest, said in a statement.

Google says it is still investigating the incident, and has confirmed that the issue was due to a scheduled storage server software update that didn’t go as intended.

Chandra noted that Google is going to share more updates in the coming days. If you’re still having an issue, you can contact the Google Nest support team.

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Source: Google Via: Android Police