Opera browser update brings ‘Workspaces’ feature to organize your tabs

The update also includes a new feature that highlights duplicate tabs

Opera is rolling out a new feature in its desktop browser that should help users keep their tabs organized.

Version 67 of the Chromium-based browser, codenamed R2020, brings new tab organization features along with improvements to existing ones. To start, the new release includes ‘Workspaces,’ which allows users to group tabs into different places.

For example, you could have ‘Home’ and ‘Work’ Workspaces and cycle between them to access different tabs. As someone who relies on their browser for work, it’s quite handy being able to contain my work tabs in one area and summon them when I need them.

Users can add up to five Workspaces, name them and choose an icon for them. Workspaces are accessible from Opera’s sidebar and persist even when you close the browser. Users can also easily move tabs between Workspaces or open a link in a different Workspace by right-clicking it.

In an effort to help cut down on redundant tabs, Opera 67 also includes a feature that automatically highlights tabs with the same URL. The browser does this when you hover your mouse over one of the tabs, which makes it easy to see if you’ve got multiples of the same site open.

Finally, the new Opera release brings improvements to the ‘Tab-cycler.’ Accessible by pressing Control+Tab on your keyboard, Opera 67 now shows open tabs in a more visual way. This can make it easier to find a tab if you lost it in the mess of open websites.

All in all, the new Opera update it’s quite good. The browser is available for free and the new features should now be available in the stable channel as version 67 moves out of beta.