Toronto’s Neomora launches Mirrex to help share content in mixed reality

The app is great for content creators, artists and influencers

Neomora, a Toronto-based company, has launched Mirrex, a social platform that helps share content in Mixed Reality (MR).

MR combines augmented reality with virtual reality, where digital objects can react with the physical environment in real-time.

How it works is that users submit their content to Mirrex and then the company’s team then brings it to life with MR.

“The core of our business is to allow people to connect with technology and demonstrate how mixed reality can be integrated in our everyday life. Additionally, we’re thrilled to be introducing the concept of content inline as opposed to online,” said Max Rand, CTO at Neomora.

“With a suite of service applications under development in complement of Mirrex, the combination of social and service applications merges to fill the space around you with Inline content,” reads a press release from the company.

According to Neomora, Mirrex wants to bridge the gap by helping a company’s efficiency while bringing it forward towards future technologies.

Mirrex is available on iOS.