Samsung promises to fix Galaxy S20 Ultra camera quality after reported issues

Early reports indicate that there is a problem with the camera's autofocus

Samsung Galaxy S20 camera

Samsung says it’s working on an update to improve the camera on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, after early reviewers found issues with the camera system.

The South Korean tech giant didn’t acknowledge a specific problem, or give any details about when the update will be available.

“We are constantly working to optimize performance to deliver the best experience for consumers. As part of this ongoing effort, we are working on a future update to improve the camera experience,” Samsung told The Verge.

One of the problems with the camera seems to be with the autofocus, where it sometimes takes too long to lock on a subject or isn’t able to focus at all in some situations.

MobileSyrup‘s managing editor Patrick O’Rourke has also experienced problems with the focus on the camera, especially in landscape and low-light conditions.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra’s camera system’s features are one of the main selling points of the device, with the 100x zoom and giant 108-megapixel sensor. Hopefully, Samsung is able to fix the camera problems soon with the update.

Source: The Verge