Spotify’s latest iOS update makes the app easier to use with one hand

The company says the Android update is coming soon

Spotify has three new visual tweaks coming to its iOS app that should make the platform easier to navigate and use with one hand.

The first change that users will likely notice is that almost all music lists now include cover art. That means each song in your playlist will now have a tiny album art thumbnail beside it. The only place where you’ll see music in a list without cover art beside it is in a contained album because every song would have the same album art anyways.

The next change comes to artist profiles. The new page now has a smaller ‘Shuffle Play’ button and the ‘Follow’ button has shifted down so it’s featured more prominently now. Overall, these pages look a little cleaner with the text aligned to the left side of the screen.

The company has also moved the three-dot menu further down the page, making it easier for people to download playlists, or share them when you’re holding your phone in one hand.

This change comes a few days after Spotify announced that it was re-working the podcast pages on its site as well. Now, both podcast pages and artist pages share a similar look, which should help cut down on confusion as people navigate the audio platform.

Source: Spotify