Facebook Messenger gets simplified redesign, loses ‘Discover’ tab

The redesign is rolling out to users now

Facebook has redesigned Messenger and removed the ‘Discover’ tab after pledging to make the app simpler and less cluttered.

The homepage of the app now just displays ‘Chats’ and ‘People.’ The ‘People’ tab shows active users and new Stories.

It has been redesigned to show large squares for friends who just posted a Facebook Story, and also displays an organized contact list. It’s easier to navigate the app now since everything is laid out clearer.

On the now-removed ‘Discover’ page, users would be able to find business accounts. Some of the accounts were operated by AI bots in a push to revolutionize customer service. The page also had Facebook Instant Games, which was an attempt to revive Facebook gaming in a mobile setting.

Although Instant Games still exist on the web platform, they can’t be accessed on mobile either through the Messenger or Facebook apps.

The social media giant has removed the business-focused elements of the app and has returned to promoting it as a functional messaging app.

Source: The Verge