New Apple ad shows various MacBooks and look-a-likes from anime

The ad even shows MacBook-like laptops with alternate fruit logos, like pears

MacBook illustration from anime

Apple’s marketing team often does an excellent job with advertisements for the company’s signature products, but the latest ad may take the cake.

The most recent commercial from the Cupertino, California-based tech giant stitches together short clips from a variety of anime showing the company’s iconic MacBook (or MacBook look-a-likes).

While many of the laptops featured in the ad don’t have the signature Apple logo on the back, they all sport the MacBook’s recognizable design. That means a clean, thin, grey/silver body, a black keyboard and an embossed logo on the lid, usually in the form of some kind of fruit.

The clips featured in the commercial come from Mr. Osomatsu, New Game!Keroro GunsouYour NameWeathering With You and more, according to The Verge.

Further, the ad briefly shows characters wearing AirPods and another wearing wired white earbuds, possibly a call back to Apple’s EarPods.

Source: Apple Via: The Verge