Levi’s teams up with Nintendo for some incoming Super Mario merch

Are overalls back in style?

Levi’s is teaming up with Super Mario, but who knows what this unholy combination will bring forth.

The tweet gives us only a little taste of what’s going on with the pant and mushroom emojis. It also says that whatever product the two companies are working on is coming soon.

It’s unclear what’s going to happen. Perhaps the two companies are working on Mario-style overalls, or a jeans jacket with Super Mario emblems, or maybe a Mario hat made of the jean material?

Whatever Levi’s and Nintendo have planned, it’ll probably cost a pretty coin.

Source: Levi’s

Update: 03/10/2020: Levi’s tweeted more information about its new collaboration with Nintendo’s Mario brand.

The assortment of Mario style clothing will launch on April 10th.