CRTC decides it won’t force carriers to offer customers paper bills

The commission is going to investigate the matter a bit further

The CRTC has decided that it won’t force carriers to offer some or all of their customers paper bills at no charge, at least not yet.

It is going to gather more information about carriers’ billing practices to investigate the situation further, as reported by The Canadian Press. 

The commission decided that although saving money by not offering paper bills is a competitive choice, but that it doesn’t think there is a need for it to step in.

This ruling follows complaints from the Public Internet Advocacy Centre and the National Pensioners Federation. The advocacy groups wanted the CRTC to force Koodo to turn back its decision to shift to electronic billing for all customers except for a select few.

Koodo has argued that it is not required to provide paper bills to its customers. The Telus-owned carrier made the shift to paperless bills in May 2018. Telus followed suit shortly after in the same year.

Last year in October, Bell announced that it was going to shift to paperless billing in 2020. Similarly,  Rogers said that its bills would exclusively be available to customers online starting March 26th.

Source: The Canadian Press