Google Photos revamping app interface to facilitate Android gesture navigation

Side menus are going away and bottom menus are the new black

Google Photos

Google is revamping its photos app so it works better with the update Android gesture navigation scheme that the company added in Android 10.

The new Photos app doesn’t have a top-mounted search bar or a side menu. Instead, it has five tabs along the bottom of the app to make everything easier to reach with one hand.

The new layout starts with the same ‘Photos,’ ‘For You’ and ‘Sharing’ tabs, but it’s renamed the ‘Albums’ page to ‘Library,’ and there’s now a ‘Search’ option. All the options from the side menu have been moved to other places throughout the app.

Android Central says that this option is rolling out in a server-side update, so most people will have to wait patiently for this feature.

Once it does, it will be a blessing to anyone using Android’s gesture navigation since they won’t feel the need to pull the menu out from the side of the screen anymore.

Source: Android Central