Shaw increasing rates on internet and phone plans, TV theme packs on June 1

Shaw has started to notify its customers about the rate adjustments

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Shaw is increasing rates on select residential internet plans, phone plans and select TV theme packs and add-ons starting June 1st.

Internet services will increase by $3 per month, phone services are going to increase by $2 per month and TV theme packs are increasing by $1 per month.

The WWE Network will increase by $2.01 per month. Further, 5-channel,7-channel, and 10-channel pack discounts will be reduced by $3. Two-channel pack discounts are going to be eliminated altogether.

The company says that customers will receive an advanced notification of the rate change through their monthly invoice.

Customers who are on a promotional offer, or have signed up for an internet or ‘internet and TV’ 2-year ValuePlan with a price guarantee, will not see a rate increase on their base TV and internet services until their promotion period or 2-year ValuePlan ends. Shaw says that any TV theme packs or add-ons may be subject to an increase.

“We increase our rates to ensure we can continue providing the same exceptional connectivity and content experience while meeting the evolving needs of our customers as programming costs rise and internet usage continues to grow,” Shaw wrote on its support page.

You can learn more about the price changes here. 

Source: Shaw