Spotify launches two people $13 Duo plans in Canada

This should make the service a little cheaper for couples

Spotify is expanding the pilot project for its $12.99 Duo Premium membership plan to Canada and a few other countries today.

The streaming music service says that Duo memberships are for two people who live at the same address — it’s basically a mini Family Plan. The streaming giant started testing this plan last March, and it’s been slowly rolling it out to more markets over the past year.

Spotify typically costs two people $10 each per month, but switching to the Duo tier would mean that each person only pays $6.50 per month instead.

Just like a family plan, both halves of the duo membership will have access to a custom generated playlist called ‘Duo Mix’ that will be filled with music that Spotify thinks both people will enjoy. Family plan members have access to a similar playlist, except it’s called ‘Family Mix.’

Each person in the Duo plan will have an independent Spotify profile so the only thing you’ll share with your partner is the Duo Mix playlist.

Spotify says that existing Premium subscribers can change to a Duo plan very easily. If you go to your account page on Spotify.com, there’s a ‘Change Plan’ button on the main page.

The streaming company says that this plan has performed well in the markets it’s already been tested in, like Latin America and 22 other markets. This is likely because for two people, there is no cheaper way to get access to a streaming music service.

Both Spotify and Apple Music offer $5 Student Plans and $15 Family Plans, but no other service includes a $13 option for couples. That means anyone who’s looking to save a few dollars on their monthly expenses can switch to Spotify to make that happen.

Source: Spotify