Google Play appears to be hiding search results for ‘coronavirus’ apps

The change seems to have been implemented on March 3rd

It appears that Google is hiding apps that are related to the coronavirus from the search results on Google Play.

9to5Google discovered the change and suggests that it seems that Google Play might have disabled searches related to “coronavirus” apps.

If a user searches for “coronavirus” or “COVID-19” on Google Play, they will see a “no results found” page. Even if you search for popular virus maps or trackers, you won’t receive any results.

However, if users search for “COVID19” without the dash, they will receive regular results, including the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) app. Google may be showing the CDC’s app first in an attempt to ensure that users get the most reliable information.

Users have reported that before March 3rd, all of the coronavirus terms would bring up some results.

It’s possible that Google may be implementing a measure to prevent misinformation around the virus, but since this hasn’t been confirmed, it could also just be a bug.

Source: 9to5Google