Twitter testing an Instagram Story-like feature called ‘Fleets’

It's not surprising that Twitter is going down this road

Instead of letting people edit tweets, Twitter is instead testing out a feature that will allow people to post stories to share with their followers that expire after 24 hours.

Twitter is calling this feature Fleets because these 24-hour tweets are fleeting moments, and for now, it’s only being testing in Brazil.

This feature is to be used in the same way that stories are used on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. You can share some text, a picture or GIF, and after a day, it will be taken down. People can even respond to your Fleets via direct messaging. If the feature ever rolls out to Canada, you’ll see Fleets posted at the top of your Twitter timeline, just like how they are on Instagram.

Interestingly, you’ll have to DM people to respond to Fleets instead of creating a standard Twitter thread. This suggests that Twitter is going to put some more work in to become a better messaging platform.

Twitter says that depending on how the test goes, it might roll this feature out to the rest of the world. To me, it seems likely that the feature will make its way out of this Brazilian beta test since stories like this are already a tried-and-true social networking staple that people enjoy using.

Source: Twitter Brazil