Xbox Canada launches Instagram filter to help you decide which Game Pass to play

This is certainly one way to help users discover new titles

Xbox Instagram Game Pass filter

One of the more popular additions to Instagram as of late is the “which [insert animal/character/song/etc] are you?” filter. With these filters, people can find out which Harry Potter, Disney or Pokémon character they are, among other popular questions.

Now, Xbox Canada is getting in on the fun with a filter that aims to help you decide which Game Pass title to play.

To use the filter, visit Xbox Canada’s Instagram page, click the smiley face with plus signs, tap the image that pops up and select ‘Try it.’ From there, a box that shuffles between Game Pass titles will pop up above your head and, after a few seconds, display a randomized game.

While it might seem like an odd promotional tool, it could nonetheless prove useful. That’s because there are now more than 200 games featured in the Game Pass library, with more added every couple of weeks. It’s also yet another way that companies are experimenting with different ways for users to discover new content. While on-demand services like Netflix play around with various algorithms, Xbox is opting for a more social media-driven approach.

A Game Pass membership costs $11.99 CAD/month and is included in the $16.99/month Game Pass Ultimate subscription (which includes Game Pass for PC and Xbox One, as well as Xbox Live Gold) in Canada.