Sonos removing its ‘recycle mode,’ keeps Trade Up Program

You can still get the 30 percent discount if you own an older product

Sonos has backpedalled on the rules of its controversial Trade Up Program by removing ‘recycle mode.’

Users can still get 30 percent off the price of a new Sonos product by validating the serial number on their old product.

This program still only applies to a handful of old-school products and you can see the rundown on Sonos’ website.

The recycle mode came under fire a few months ago when people found out that the company was asking customers to brick their own speakers in order to get a 30 percent discount on a new product.

Following that, the company announced that all of those older speakers would stop receiving software updates which meant they might break.

Since then, the company clarified that it would be working to keep those speakers working as long as it could.

Source: Engadget