Toronto woman charged $76 after coughing in an Uber

Uber eventually waived the charge

A woman and her husband were taking an Uber home in Toronto, and after the husband coughed in the car, the driver attempted to force the couple to pay a $76 cleaning fee.

The coronavirus has everyone on edge, but this driver seems to have taken things to the next level.

According to 680 Newsreport, the Uber was decked out with a homemade plastic divider, surgical masks, hand sanitizer and tissues. Beyond all the extra supplies, there were handwritten notes and pictures explaining how to cough in the vehicle properly.

During the drive when her husband coughed, the driver reportedly started yelling at the couple and rolled the windows down. After the pair was dropped off at home, they received a charge for $76.

The woman reached out to Uber and the company showed her a picture of the car door being cleaned with Lysol wipes. After further debate, Uber decided to waive the fee.

Source: 680 News