The ‘Nintendo Play Station’ prototype console sells for $360,000

The owner of the console had previously been offered $1.2 million for it

Nintendo Play Station

The Nintendo Play Station, arguably one of the rarest video game consoles ever, has been sold for $360,000 (about $483,390 CAD).

The console was purchased by Greg McLemore, who is the founder of Pets.com, which was a website from the 90s. Amazon ended up buying most of the website, after which it went out of business.

This is just the latest piece of gaming history that he has acquired. McLemore told Forbes that he wants to create a museum to showcase his game consoles and arcade machines. While it’s a fascinating piece of gaming history, the console can’t play any system-specific games since no software was developed for it.

The console was being sold by Terry Diebol, who had bought it in an auction for $75 USD (about $100 CAD). His son found the console in their attic and then posted a picture of it on Reddit, after which they realized they had a piece of history.

What’s interesting about the conclusion of this auction is the fact that Diebold was offered $1.2 million USD (about $1.6 million CAD) for the console. It’s unknown why Diebold had turned down the offer.

Although he didn’t sell the console for more than a million, Diebold did still make quite a bit for a purchase that had cost him $75.

Source: Kotaku