Apple says you can safely use disinfecting wipes on iPhone screens

Amid concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19, cleaning your smartphone is a good idea


Apple has confirmed that it is safe to use disinfecting wipes to keep your iPhone clean and free from potentially deadly viruses.

The tech giant recently updated its device cleaning tutorial page with a paragraph stating that it’s safe to use 70 percent isopropyl or Clorox wipes on Apple’s devices, including the iPhone, iPad, iMac and MacBook (the full paragraph can be found below).

Apple previously didn’t recommend using these cleaning products on any of its devices because they could scratch the display, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Apple’s help page mentions explicitly that is safe to use 70 percent isopropyl or clorox wipes on “nonporous surfaces” like the “display, keyboard or other exterior services.”

Of course, Apple’s pricey Pro Display XDR requires a specific cleaning kit.

Given the rapid spread of the coronavirus and the fact that touching contaminated objects is a way you can catch the illness, it makes sense for Apple to be changing its tune. Still, it’s strange that the company ever stated that it wasn’t safe to use these products on its devices.

Via: The Wall Street Journal Source: Apple