Apple’s next version of iPadOS might feature better cursor support

It looks like the iPad Pro really could be getting a keyboard that feature a trackpad

iPad Pro

Rumours regarding Apple’s iPad Pro possibly getting improved cursor support have once again appeared.

Thanks to a leaked build of iOS 14, 9to5Mac has uncovered that more cursor features could be coming to the next version of iPadOS and iOS 14. iPadOS currently includes basic mouse support buried in its accessibility menu.

According to 9to5Mac, cursor support with iPadOS’ upcoming update will feature different types of pointers depending on what the cursor is hovering over, along with trackpad gestures borrowed from macOS, including right-clicking and tapping with two fingers.

The leaked iOS 14 build also references two new Smart Keyboards for the iPad Pro. A The Information report from back in late February stated that Apple is working on a new Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro that features a built-in trackpad. Back in January, there was also speculation that Apple could have plans to release an iPad Pro keyboard with keys similar to its current Smart Keyboard and 16-inch MacBook keyboard. 

9to5Mac says that the code it uncovered doesn’t specifically mention a keyboard for the iPad Pro with a built-in trackpad, but that it does include references to a “tap to click” feature.

If there is truth to this rumour, this would mark a significant shift for Apple, and could be a sign Apple has plans to blend iPadOS and macOS better. That said, forcing app developers to create apps with two input methods in mind, as well as updating current apps to work with a cursor, will likely be a difficult task. That said, there is a possibility Apple could limit trackpad support to specific apps.

The leaked iOS 14 build also revealed several potential watchOS 7 features, including blood oxygen level detection and sharable Watchfaces.

Source: 9to5Mac Via: The Verge