Some Google apps don’t work with new automated dark mode feature

The search giant says it's working on a fix

Dark Theme toggle

Several Pixel owners have taken to Reddit to complain about the new automated dark mode feature Google rolled out as part of the latest Pixel feature drop.

Unfortunately — and unsurprisingly — scheduled dark mode doesn’t work with every app.

To start, there are the usual culprits, like Twitter and Facebook Messenger. Both apps have dark modes, but neither support Android 10’s dark mode system toggle and, by extension, the new scheduling feature. However, the bulk of the complaints are about Google apps that already support dark mode and the Android system toggle.

Specifically, users are pointing to Gboard, Contacts and, in some cases, the dialer app. These apps don’t switch to dark mode automatically if users set a schedule for when Android turns on the dark mode. However, if users manually change the setting, or turn on battery saver, these apps do switch to dark mode.

Google’s official Reddit account posted a response, noting that it’s “aware of this issue” and will start rolling out a fix “soon.” Thankfully, there may be some solutions to try in the meantime for those who don’t like waiting.

Some Redditors reported that switching to the Gboard beta channel resolved the issue for them. However, if that doesn’t work, MobileSyrup has documented Gboard’s struggle with dark mode before. The Google-made software keyboard actually does support automatic dark mode switching by default, you just have to be on the default theme. If you’ve ever manually changed the theme (and even if you switch Gboard back to the default theme yourself), the keyboard will ignore dark theme. Check out our full guide on how to fix that issue here.

As for Contacts and the dialer app, there doesn’t appear to be a workaround as of yet, but hopefully Google’s fix arrives soon.

Source: Reddit Via: Android Police