Google Assistant now supports sensors, water purifiers and more

This opens the door to more smart home automations in the future

Google Home app with Google Home Mini

A new batch of supported devices added to Google Assistant’s wheelhouse is leading to speculation that automated controls are coming to the smart home side of the platform.

The Google Assistant ‘Smart Home Device Type’ page now lists support for ‘Sensors,’ ‘Water softeners,’ ‘Water purifiers’ and ‘CO detectors.’ These smart home devices help round out what the Google Home platform can do, but the real star of this is what the addition of sensors represents.

Sensors can measure things like humidity and temperature levels, a room’s brightness and whether something is opened or closed. What is still missing from here is motion sensor support, but I’m sure that will come someday.

For now, these sensors can only answer questions like, “Hey Google, what’s the temperature in here?’ That said, adding more sensors to the service opens the door for more automation down the line. For example, having the ability to have the windows open when your smoke alarm goes off could be a super handy automation using all these smart tools.

Source: Google Assistant developers Via: Android Police