Google Search now links to YouTube Music when you look up albums

Google Search, both in the mobile app and website, now lists YouTube Music under the ‘Listen’ or ‘Available on’ section.

For some time, Google Search has offered up useful information when users look up music. This includes lyrics, tracklists and reviews, as well as links to where users can stream the music.

Until now, that list has included Google Play Music, Spotify and other services that vary by region. YouTube Music now also appears on that list. Clicking the YouTube Music icon will take users to the item they searched for in the Youtube Music app or, the web player on desktop.

However, the change still appears to be limited in scope. For one, YouTube Music only shows up when searching albums, not songs or artists. This seems like a significant oversight since people often use Google Search or Assistant to look up songs they like. Currently, doing so in Assistant gives you a list of services where you can stream that song, but YouTube Music is not included.

Another frustration is that not all albums pull up YouTube Music. Hopefully this changes in time as Google expands the YouTube Music link to more places.

This change is the latest in a growing list of new features added to YouTube Music over the last few weeks, including a new interface and access to a music uploading tool popularized by Google Play Music.

Source: 9to5Google