Icon in leaked iOS 14 build hints first-party Apple over-ear headphones are still coming

This is the latest in a long line of leaks related to Apple's over-ear headphones.

A new icon has reportedly been discovered in leaked iOS 14 code that adds fuel to the rumours Apple is building its own high-end, over-ear headphones.

A version of these headphones leaked in late 2018, and since then, there have been a few other rumours regarding them throughout 2019. At this point, it’s hard to judge whether the headphones are real, but since given they’ve popped up so often, there is likely some level of truth to the rumours.

The only real information this glyph gives us is that the headphones are likely going to come in two colours — a white version and a black option.

It’s expected that Apple’s headphones will feature active noise cancelling and the ability to pause automatically when you take them off. There’s also rumours of an audio pass-though mode similar to the feature included in Apple’s AirPods Pro.

Since 9to5Mac discovered this icon in an early version of iOS 14 the publication got its hands on, it seems likely that these headphones might release in the fall around the same time as the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Image source: 9to5Mac

Source: 9to5Mac