Ring’s Video Doorbell 3 will show ‘pre-roll’ video before motion alerts

False "Near" motion alerts can reportedly be prevented beyond 4.5 metres

Ring Doorbell 3

One of my main problems with the Ring Video Doorbell 2 I have at my front door is that by the time the Ring app connects, whatever caused the motion alert I just received is usually gone.

If a new leak courtesy of Zatz Not Funny, which briefly spotted a product page for the Ring Video Doorbell 3 that has since been pulled, is accurate, that could soon change.

The highest-end Video Doorbell 3 is set to feature “Pre-Roll” that displays four seconds of black and white video before a motion alert. It’s unclear if the time to connect to the app has also improved, but in theory, this should give Ring users a better idea of what triggered the alert. The decision to display black and white video seems strange, but it likely has something to do with the device’s ability to record ambiently.

The high-end and base model Doorbell 3 will also feature a new “near” motion feature that aims to prevent false notifications past 4.5 metres, 5Ghz Wi-Fi and a more straightforward way to remove the device’s faceplate. The process for connecting to Ring’s standalone doorbell Chime has also been streamlined, according to the leaked listing.

Similar to Amazon’s other smart home products like Echo devices, the Video Doorbell 3 looks identical to the Doorbell 2. The page listed the Ring Video Doorbell 3 as “coming soon.” Given the page for the smart home device accidentally went live, Amazon likely plans to reveal it at least somewhat soon.

Canadian pricing is unknown, but the base level Doorbell 3 is listed at $199 USD (about $270 CAD), with the Plus costing $229 USD (approximately $311 CAD). Ring’s Video Doorbell 2 is priced at $249 CAD, with the standard Doorbell costing $124 CAD. It’s likely the Ring Doorbell 3 would replace the Doorbell 2.

Given the recent controversy surrounding Ring working with law enforcement agencies, as well as general concerns surrounding privacy, the Amazon-owned company has an uphill battle with the Doorbell 3.

Source: Zats Not Funny Amazon (cached) Via: Engadget