Fido retail store in Ottawa offering $40/6GB and $50/9GB plans

A retail Fido store in Ottawa is offering two decent data deals with one plan giving subscribers 9GB of data for $50 per month.

A user posted about this in-store offer on RedFlagDeals on March 10th, but said they received the deal on March 9th. The store in question is located at 216 Bank Street in Ottawa.

The users who received the deal posted the following on RedFlagDeals about the offer:

“The original plan is $55/7GB data. They gave me $5 off and a 2GB bonus. (They also have $45/4GB as well, with the promotion that will be $40/6GB. I got a $50/9GB plan,” with the first month free to cover the activation fee and the three-month free protection plan.

While this deal might only apply to a few people in the nation’s capital, it’s a good reminder that the carrier’s physical retail stores often have excellent deals that only last for a few days.

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Source: RedFlagDeals