Byte’s new ‘Beats’ feature adds looping audio tracks that sync to your video

Byte Beats are available now on iOS

Byte app on iOS

Byte’s new ‘Byte Beats’ feature is rolling out now and lets users add looping audio tracks to their videos.

Launched by Vine co-creator Dom Hofmann earlier this year, Byte’s new feature is more than just music. According to a tweet from the social media platform, Byte Beats have some smarts too. The little audio tracks can “magically adjust” to fit users’ videos and loop “perfectly.”

Further, Byte shared a video of just how the feature works. When you finish recording or composing a video in Byte, you can then tap the circular Beats icon in the top right corner of the screen. From there, you can select from a list of tracks, listen to them and apply one to your video.

It’s impressive how well these tracks sync up with videos, as well as how they loop together.

Byte Beats are available now on iOS. Further, the feature will come to Android “soon.”

In comparison, massively popular short video platform TikTok also lets users add audio tracks to their videos. However, the primary difference is that TikTok lets users pick songs from a library of available music and play the music while recording a video so they can synchronize with the music.

Source: Byte