Artist recreates Pixel 4a wallpapers seen in leaks, download them here

The wallpapers look excellent

With new phones come a wealth of excellent new wallpapers. The Pixel 4a is no exception, with one artist recreating several versions of the rumoured upcoming Google phone’s wallpapers.

To start, Twitter user ‘Pashapuma’ shared several variants of the Pixel 4a wallpaper shown in the marketing design leak that surfaced earlier today. These include a recreation of the wallpaper as seen in the leak, as well as several variations with light and dark backgrounds.

Additionally, Pashapuma shared another round of wallpapers based on the those seen in a recent video leak of the Pixel 4a.

Regardless of the association with the Pixel 4a, these wallpapers make for a nice addition to many phones. If you’re itching for a new wallpaper, these are all excellent choices.

If you can access the download links in the tweets posted above, you can also grab the wallpapers from here and here.

Source: Pashapuma Via: 9to5Google