Google Canada and Shopify tell employees to work from home amid coronavirus scare

Google is hoping this all settles down by at least April 10th

As the coronavirus scare sweeps the nation, more prominent employers in the Canadian tech space are telling their employees to work from home.

Both Google Canada and Shopify are implementing work from home measures to help keep its employees healthy. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai even tweeted out that these measures are also helpful in offsetting peak loads in the healthcare system.

Google is setting up a fund to make sure its global hourly and temporary workforce is covered for sick leave. It’s also announced a plan to pay people whose services may not be fully needed while full-time employees work from home, according to Axios. The search company is going to implement this policy until at least April 10th.

Shopify has no end date for its work from home rule, but it’s going to start enforcing it on March 16th.

Source: Axios, Shopify