Grocery store chain Metro building automated distribution centre in Quebec

This should help the company ship goods more efficiently

Canadian grocery store chain Metro has announced that its spending $420 million CAD over the next five years to build an automated distribution centre in Terrebonne, Quebec.

The centre in Terrebonne will be outfitted with the latest automation tech in an effort to help ship fresh and frozen products as efficiently as possible.

Beyond just building the new centre in Terrebonne, the company is updating its produce and dairy products distribution centre in Laval, Quebec. It also previously announced in 2017 that it’s spending $400 million on modernizing its Toronto distribution centre.

The Laval centre is being updated to better handle an increased amount of fresh fruit and vegetables. This plant will become the main produce distribution centre and the dairy part of it will move to the new centre in Terrebonne once it’s ready.

Even though the company is building a new automated plant, it’s planning to keep the same number of employees, reads the company’s press release. On top of that, the release says that employees working at Metro’s existing meat and frozen food distribution centre in north Montreal and the fish and seafood distribution centre in Rivière-des-Prairies/Pointe-aux-Trembles, will be transferred to the new location in Terrebonne.

Source: Metro