Malicious COVID-19 tracker apps are stealing people’s data

Make sure you only use legitimate, trusted online sources and don't download any software

There’s an overwhelming about of news and information about COVID-19 circulating right now. Unsurprisingly, people are trying to keep informed, but not all sources of information are safe.

According to a recent investigation from Reason Security, several coronavirus tracker dashboard apps have turned up. However, you absolutely should not download them as many contain malicious software. Specifically, the software can steal browser history, login information for social media or bank accounts, or even gain full remote access to the infected device.

Some of these dashboard trackers even mimic the official tracker released by Johns Hopkins University to make themselves appear more legitimate.

Unfortunately, these bogus apps come as no surprise. Scams have been popping up almost since the beginning of COVID-19 and are taking advantage of fear around the situation.

Ultimately, if you’ve installed any coronavirus-related software, you should probably remove it now and run a virus scan on your device. Further, if you really want to keep an eye on things, bookmark the official tracker from Johns Hopkins and don’t download any software. Additionally, stick to trusted online sources for getting information about the virus, such as the Canadian government’s COVID-19 update site.

Several tech companies are also working to stop the spread of fake apps and misinformation like this. Google, for example, appears to be hiding search results for coronavirus on the Play Store, while Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have shared steps they’re taking to tamp down on misinformation.

If you want to learn more about malicious COVID-19 trackers, check out Reason Security’s full report.

Source: Reason Security Via: Lifehacker