Google’s G Suite platform has 2 billion monthly active users

G Suite head says Google plans to expand Smart Compose to more apps

Google’s productivity software platform, G Suite, now has two billion monthly active users.

Javier Soltero, head of G Suite, revealed the number in an interview with Axios. Soltero said G Suite hit 2 billion monthly active users at the end of 2019, but didn’t specify how many were for products beyond Gmail and how many were paid or free.

Along with sharing statistics about G Suite, Soltero spoke about the crowded productivity field. He noted that collaboration and communication are “not a solved problem.” As such, Soltero talked about using machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve productivity going forward.

One way G Suite plans to do that is by expanding Gmail’s Smart Compose feature, which automatically helps users compose emails based on how that user writes, the email they’re responding to and who they’re sending the email to. Smart Compose has already come to Google Docs for paying G Suite customers.

Soltero suggests Smart Compose will make its way to other G Suite products, but didn’t specify which products or when.

Further, Soltero indicated Google still had “work to do” when it came to integrating different apps. The sentiment could be a nod to the rumoured business messaging platform that would unify Gmail, Drive, Hangouts Chat and Meet into one app. Additionally, the app would integrate Google Calendar as well, but could still require users to open the standalone client.

While the integrated business messaging platform is still just a rumour, Google has reportedly shown off a mobile app to partners. Further, the company was expected to announce it at Cloud Next 2020, but the physical developer conference was cancelled due to coronavirus. However, the conference will take place online next month.

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Source: Axios Via: 9to5Google