Spotify adds profile editor to iOS and Android mobile apps

A new tweak rolling out to the Spotify mobile app will allow users to edit their profile name and picture.

The popular streaming music platform has had a strong social integration platform for some time, allowing users to share what their listening to with friends, create public playlists and more. A small grip with the social aspect, however, is that until now, Spotify forced users to use the website to change their picture and username.

Now, however, you can head to Settings (gear icon) > [Your Name] View Profile > Edit Profile to upload a new photo or change your display name.

Overall, it’s a fairly small feature, but it’s nice to be able to edit these options from the mobile app. Arguably, that’s where most Spotify users interact with the app. Having similar functionality extend across both the website and app is important.

The change is rolling out Android and iOS now and has already shown up for some. If it’s not already on your phone, expect it to arrive soon.

Source: Spotify Via: Android Police