Tesla has started delivering the first few Model Y orders

The first Model Ys could be delivered tomorrow

Reports are coming in of people getting delivering notifications for their Tesla Model Y crossovers, with some dates being as early as March 13th.

Buyers from Washington State, Fremont and San Diego, California, have all reported March 13th delivery dates. However, as far as we can find, no Canadians have posted about getting a Model Y that early, according to Teslarati.

That said, at the end of February, there were reports of a few Canadians getting “Prepare for delivery” confirmation emails, so it would stand to reason that these people would be getting their deliveries soon as well.

Beyond these delivery notifications, people have seen hundreds of Model Ys parked at the Tesla building in Fremont, California and Elon Musk did say that the first wave of Model Ys would be shipping earlier than expected during the company’s last earnings call.

Source: Teslarati

Update 16/03/2020: Tesla has tweeted out confirmation that it has begun shipping out Model Y crossovers.