YouTuber compares Tesla Model 3 to the new Model Y

This is the same Model Y seen cruising through downtown Toronto a few weeks ago

A Toronto-based YouTuber (Tesla Backseatballer) found a parked Tesla Model Y and created a nine-minute video comparing it to his Model 3.

There isn’t too much the video can measure, but it is an excellent way to see the Model Y up close and personal.

Other things to note: the YouTuber says that the handles on the Model Y are very similar to the Model 3, and it has more ground clearance compared to its older sibling.

The Model Y also has two extra wiper spray nozzles compared the Model 3, according to the video, so it should be better at clearing dirt and grime off of the dashboard window.

If you look closely at the license plate in the video, you’ll see that it’s the same Model Y that was spotted touring through Toronto a few weeks ago.

Tesla seems on track to begin delivering the first wave of Model Y cars as early as March 13th.

Source: YouTube (Tesla Backseatballer)