Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre warning against coronavirus scams

According to an official government tweet, people are capitalizing on the fear of the virus

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre is warning people to look out for coronavirus-related scams as the virus becomes a worldwide pandemic.

The newsletter warns against people who are offering ‘quick’ or ‘fast’ coronavirus cures or tests. So far in Canada, only hospitals are able to administer tests.

Also, be on the lookout for health goods and other products that are being sold by resellers. The Centre says that these products will often be expired.

Other high-demand items like hand sanitizer, soap and other cleaning products might also be used in deceptive advertising online that could lead to a scam.

Of course, fraudsters are also sending scam emails to people that capitalize on people’s fears about the virus.

You can find the rest of the tips and scams to look out for in the Centre’s tweet. 

The list also urges people to learn about the virus from verified websites like Health Canada and the World Health Organization.

Source: Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (@canantifraud)