Pokémon Go game easier to play indoors during COVID-19 season

This update revolves around the Incense item

Niantic, the developer behind Pokémon Go, is making the game easier to play indoors and alone with discounted ‘Incense’ packs.

Generally, you need to play Pokémon Go outside with other people to get the most out of it. While you can play the game inside already, it gets stale fast since you need to be out and about to catch Pokémon.

To help combat the coronavirus and support social distancing, Pokémon Go players can buy a pack of 30 Incense for a single Pokécoin. On a typical day, a single Incense costs 80 coins. The only downside is that you’re able to buy this once. However, regular Incense is on sale, so a single item costs 40 coins, and a pack of eight is priced at 250 coins.

All Incense will last for an hour now as opposed to half an hour like it did before the update.

Beyond the Incense news, ‘Incubators’ will now hatch an egg in half the time. That means 2km eggs hatch after 1km of walking.

Regular PokéStops will also drop more gifts so players can send additional presents to their friends.

Earlier this month Pokémon Go’s March Community Day was postponed because of concerns surrounding COVID-19.

Source: Polygon