Powerbeats 4 appear on store shelf ahead of official announcement

It's unknown why or how the earbuds are on sale at this specific store

Apple-owned Beats’ Powerbeats 4 earbuds have not yet been officially announced, but the earbuds have appeared on the shelves in a Walmart in Rochester, New York.

A shopper saw the packages and tweeted a photo of them. The package of the earbuds clearly boasts the 15 hours of battery life that lines up with previous leaks. They are also available in the rumoured red, white and black options.

Interestingly, the earbuds in the image are priced at $149 USD (about $206 CAD). It should be noted that this doesn’t mean that this is the official pricing of the earbuds.

We first heard about the new earbuds back in January when icons of them appeared in iOS. Last month, the earbuds appeared in an FCC listing. The earbuds are rumoured to feature Apple’s new H1 wireless chip, which suggests that they will support for voice features like “Hey Siri.”

It’s unclear why the earbuds went on sale before an announcement, at least at this store in New York. However, it may even be a mistake considering the global environment right now, as noted by 9to5Mac.

For now, we’ll still be waiting for an official announcement from Apple regarding Canadian pricing and availability.

Image credit: Eddie Wap (@eddiezus)

Source: Eddie Wap (@eddiezus) Via: 9to5Mac